The Leo Fuchs Photography Archives cover a body of work which spans over thirty years and encompasses a broad representative set of unique images of an Hollywood era. Given the limited scope of the works presented in exhibits, viewings and on this web gallery, we invite interested parties to contact us to enquire about the remainder of the Archives.

All uses (both nonprofit/scholarly and commercial) of images from the Leo Fuchs Photography Archives must be licensed by us in consequence of our proprietary rights. Applicable fees and/or royalties are charged. All licenses granted are non-exclusive, for one-time use, and for a single edition, production, or medium.

In order for use to quote a licensing fee, we need to know specific details of your intended use of our image(s), including: advertising/editorial, medium (e.g., text book, magazine, brochure, postcard/calendar, annual report, wall display, web site, CDROM, etc.), print run (how many copies of the product will be produced), rights (regional/domestic/worldwide, nonexclusive/first/ exclusive, etc.), time period (six months, three years, one time, etc.), delivery (duplicate film, original film, 20MB digital file, drum scan, etc.).